List of Online Casino Games

With the advent and growth of online casino games, Malaysia has become one of the key industry players. More and more people are engaging in online casino websites as they discover the ease of joining and having fun gambling on hundreds of available online casino games. With plans to establish a brick-and-mortar casino in Penang being put on hold, Malaysians will continue to look at online casinos as a viable option.

Amongst the websites available for access in Malaysia includes:

– dafabet casino
– bodog casino

These websites offer a wide array of gaming services for online casino games, where one can play free or by betting real money. This also includes sports bets, and lottery draws. What began as a crude application for customers to place bets, online casinos have since evolved to support live dealing of games which has become the preferred avenue to satiate the gambling thirst and participate in online games. Live streaming creates a bridge between the old ‘brick-and-mortar’ experience and a realistic online experience. This has been made possible through new technology; which has even allowed customers to participate in games via mobile devices running on an Android platform. Customers in Malaysia can be wary about the safety of these sites. With the help of gaming agents, players are always ensured they end up on trusted and licensed sites, so they can focus all their energy on winning. Money won can also be easily transferred out to selected banks. All games have age restrictions to only allow those above 18 years old to participate.

Some popular online casino groups are:

  • Download-based online casinos which requires the user to download the entire game application into the user’s Android device or computer. As it is connected directed to the casino provider’s server, it usually is quicker than web based applications.
  • Flash casinos or web based online casinos are popular as it does not require the user to download any applications to their computer or Android device. It is instead played using the plug-ins on the browser, which included Shockwave and Flash. A reasonable and reliable Internet connection is required to stream the game. At present, Apply does not support Flash games technology.
  • Virtual casino game is a game that uses random number generated outcome when playing their games. This method is good for games that support single players as there are no risk of a planted ‘player’ with information on the cards that are available to play.
  • Live casino games which are currently gaining waves, are games that are played in real time with a human dealer running the table. Live streaming is used to view the dealer and table. To play, the users will utilize the controls which appears on the device screen to place bets while communicating with their dealer via the chat function. The method used to host the live games may vary from casino to casino. The games available via this method include roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

To market and entice people to use online casinos, many providers are now offering a multitude of bonuses. The most common being bonuses to players who recently have signed up and made their first deposit. Some even offer bonuses for subsequent deposits as well. Though it seems to be a gimmick, bonuses can be quite consistent and rewarding when the users play on a regular basis. Bonuses are also available when playing online slot machines. The amount provided will differ according to the casino. So go sign up today for some free and easy money!