Play Baccarat

Baccarat’s history is an old one. This Italian game has been around for a while and made its way into France in the 1400s before it gained popularity all over Europe 500 years after. It was a popular game among the nobility of France and England. Baccarat simply means “zero”, named after the face cards that carry a value of zero in this game. Baccarat is now found at all North American casinos and is a game that relies totally on chance, so there are no strategies to winning except just playing and betting. Think of it as playing roulettes with cards.

You begin by choosing to place your bet on the player or the banker. Despite the title, both hands stand at the same level, there’s nothing special about either. Regardless of the number of people betting, there is only one player hand and one banker hand. To determine the points you get, add both numbers and take the final digit. So if it’s 6 + 7, the total of the set 13 and the value for that hand is 3. If you have an ace, it counts as 1 and any face card equates to no value. The suit of the card has no worth in this game.

There are three popular versions of baccarat that’s played worldwide. In Europe, it is the chemin de fer version that’s noted as the original version. Six decks of cards are shuffled and the game commences when the table is full. If a player says he’s with the table, he is saying that he will cover half the banker’s stakes. If a player says “Banco”, then he is covering the full amount of the banker’s stake and is playing one-on-one against him. The player who calls out “Banco” will then become a “punter” and plays on behalf of the whole table.

The version that was popular among the English is called punto banco and this is the version that American players are familiar with. This baccarat is different because only seated players can place bets and players can also deal. Another baccarat variety out there is baccarat banque. Similar to chemin de fer, this version has a more permanent banker as compared to the previous two versions.

If you’re new to baccarat and want to learn about it, you can play them online for free. It’s an excellent training ground and you can also play with real money on websites such as 128Casino, DracoBet, CasinoJR, Bodog88 and Infiniwin! For better understanding, do google the rules especially if you’re planning on playing the harder version where a third card and more will be dealt.

If you’re a seasoned player who’s tired of having to make trips to the casino, then there’s the option of live baccarat! Sit back in the comforts of your own home and play a live streaming of the game, where cards are being dealt real time by beautiful casino dealers. On top of that, there are mobile versions of baccarat that you can download onto your device and play anytime, anywhere. Playing online is also rewarding as you can get bonuses of all sorts when you sign up with a website, refer your friend or put in a deposit. There are even bonuses for when you don’t put in any deposits!

Baccarat is still a favourite among the high rollers in European countries, but is also played by all people in the form of mini baccarat. Now that you’re equipped with the basics, keep on practicing and you’ll be winning money in no time!