Play Blackjack

The card game blackjack is one game that’s widely played in casinos and out of it too. The card game works through players competing with the dealer instead of other players. Blackjack’s origins are unknown but it’s been said that the first recorded mention of the game was in the popular book “Don Quixote.” Author Miguel de Cervantes is said to be a gambler and the book was written in early 1600s, suggesting that blackjack has been played for over 400 years! It is amazing how this game is still played at a widespread in modern times.

The game is played with the dealer placing five to seven cards, face down. One to eight decks of cards are auto-shuffled together and used for the play. Players can bet on a maximum of three positions, but this depends on the casino rules. There is also a popular casino rule that the dealers have to hit a soft seventeen, which means the hand has to contain an ace (ace stand for one or eleven) and other cards that totals up to six, making it seventeen. Depending on the cards at hand, players press a button to hit, stand, double down the bet, split their cards or surrender. When you decide to place bets, just click on the chips interface screen and your bet will be updated.

A win is when player has a total that’s 21 or lesser but his total exceeds the dealer’s final sum. A bust is when any playing person has a total exceeding the amount of 21. To make it harder for the dealer, players can take up “insurance” or a side bet if the dealer’s upcard turns out to be an ace. The bet is an independent one and will have nothing to do with the chips that are already in place for the game.

Blackjack can now be played at online casinos, easily accessible if you have a computer and stable Internet. There are many online casinos, both in Malaysia and in other countries for you to choose from when playing. A tip of picking which website to play from; you can read their rules for blackjack and see which one suits you the most. Although all casinos have pretty much the same rules, they may vary here and there.

Playing blackjack online has some plus points to them. You can get a chance at a free start when you sign up with casino websites as they reward new people with cash bonuses or free trials. Introducing your friends to the websites will also have you receiving additional bonus without much effort. The best websites to play blackjack in Malaysia is Infiniwin, DracoBet, BullBet8, and S188 among other available options. Playing online also means you can count cards from the comforts of home and end up with a higher chance at winning. No need to keep spending money to face crowded casinos, just keep an eye on your screen and bet accordingly.

There are also options for live streaming when it comes to blackjack. You can have a real-time experience but still stay right at home and play at your own pace. Pick a casino theme that appeals to you and get started just like that. For even more convenience, download blackjack games onto your mobile phone so you can always play a game at any time of the day, anywhere! Start your blackjack training with these online versions by choosing to play for free. Be sure to Google and familiarize with the technique behind the game and once you’ve sharpened your skills, get into the real deal and win yourself some cold, hard cash!