Best Gambling Sites for Online Poker in Malaysia

Poker is a popular game that allows players to wager real money and valuables.  Out of the many countries where poker is being played, Malaysia makes the list. Not only is poker played in Malaysia, but they also have a wide range of poker casino online games.

Best Poker Sites in Malaysia.
King Billy
Countless games from reputable providers, slots, table games, live dealer studios, multiple rewards, no max win limits, high monthly withdrawals
Multiple games from renowned studios, support of common cryptocurrencies, 24/7 customer service, fast withdrawals.
Welcome bonuses for Crypto, Sports, Highroller offers, Live casino cashback, Birthday bonus and plenty of casino games
Plenty of Bonuses for both new and regular customers, a massive library of games, support of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Wide range of games, convenient and secure banking, excellent bonuses and promotions, mobile compatibility, and professional customer support
Provably fair casino with a huge amount of BTC games, various payment options including major cryptocurrencies
Wide selection of games, multilingual and multicurrency support, 24/7 customer service, multiple payment options, including cryptos and ewallets
Diverse selection of games, generous bonuses including welcome packages and reload bonuses.
Golden Tiger
reliable platform, generous bonus for joining, 97% RTP

Online Poker Casinos

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They have several online casinos in Malaysia where this game of skill and luck is being played. Hence, this review will help you explore the best poker casino online Malaysia targeted. We understand how stressful it can be to visit thousands of online poker Malaysia sites in search of excellence, and that is why we have decided to come to the rescue and go through the stress in your stead.

There are many real money casinos to play online, and it's possible to travel for a tournament. Lots of exciting and loyal gamers take part in various tournaments in the surrounding areas. They play and win rewards regularly to increase their skills and win big figures.

Though it's more challenging here than growing up in an area that embraces the game completely, it's still possible to make it as a pro. However, poker has grown in popularity rapidly and has swiftly made its way into the Malaysian online gambling scene, as you can easily play online poker games in Malaysia today.

Is Online Poker Legal in Malaysia?

Although Malaysia is a largely Muslim country, and all forms of gambling are forbidden under Sharia law, Malaysia's internet gambling legislation allows non-Muslims to wager at casinos and sports books online.

Three major frameworks guide gaming laws in Malaysia. They include the Betting Act 1953, Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 and Sharia Law.

Best Online Poker Sites in Malaysia

Here is the list of the Top 7 best poker sites in Malaysia:

Name of casinoBonuses by types and sizePayoutFeaturesDeposit Options
BK8Slots welcome bonus: 100% match bonus up to MYR300. Live casino welcome bonus: 50% match bonus up to MYR300.100% payout rate. Payouts on the site are usually instant.Variety of poker games, Thrilling slots, live casino, timely customer service, Many bonuses, fast deposits, withdrawals, etc.BK8 accepts both local and international payment methods, such as Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin, Help2Pay, EeziePay, and FPX.
Lucky blockNew Users get a 15% cashback for 7 days. $10,000 LBlock token giveaway.All crypto payouts will be finalised within one hour. Withdrawals via other methods may take up to 48 hours to process.Great casino & betting options. Fast payouts. 15% cashback. Effective 24/7 customer support.Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Wire transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit Card.
Me88First deposit bonus – 30% match bonus up to MYR200. Second deposit bonus – 70% match bonus up to MYR300. Third deposit bonus – 100% match bonus up to MYR500.Provides a fast payout process. Within 15 minutes, the site processes your payment.Several payment methods. Decent welcome bonuses. Dedicated gaming apps for Android and iOS. 24/7 customer support.Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, FPX, DoitNow, EeziePay, and Help2Pay.
MD88Slots welcome bonus – 150% match bonus up to SGD388. Live casino welcome bonus – 100% match bonus up to SGD188.Processes payout within 24 hours.Attractive welcome bonuses. Rewarding VIP program. Site uses SSL security protocols. 24/7 customer support.Bitcoin, Tether, Bank Wire Transfer, and Touch N Go.
AW8Slots welcome bonus – 300% match bonus up to MYR2500. Live casino welcome bonus – 50% match bonus up to MYR500.Payouts at AW8 are quick. Within 10 minutes, the casino site processes your withdrawal.Impressive welcome bonuses. A wide range of betting options. Instant deposits. 24/7 customer support. Mobile apps for Android and iOS.USDT, Ether, Bitcoin, EeziePay, and Help2Pay.
12PlayCasino welcome bonus – 100% match welcome bonus up to MYR588.Offers a smooth and fast payout process. Withdrawal takes up to 1-7 days, depending on your payment option.A wide selection of games and slots. Generous welcome bonuses. Mobile apps for Android and iOS. 24/7 customer support.Paytruts, EeziePay, and Help2Pay.
7. 96M40% first deposit bonus up to MYR 400. 80% second deposit bonus up to MYR 800. 168% third deposit bonus up to 1680Provides fast payout options. Crypto payments can take up to 1 hour, while other payment options may take up to 48 hours.Wide range of Casino games. Mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Safe payment options.EeziePay, DuitNow, QR Code, Crypto, Bank Tranfer, Touch N Go, etc.

How We Review Poker Websites

Before we recommend a site, we register there, make deposits and play games to test them and make sure you can trust the casino. We provide in detail what each site offers to aid players in choosing the best Malaysia poker online sites.

Bonus Offers and Promotions for Malaysian Players

When we start our revision of Malaysian online sites, we consider the variety of bonuses and rewards that gamblers may claim during the rounds. Our team highly evaluates those sites that provide a whole pack of promotions like no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, free bets, cash-back bonuses, referral bonuses, random selection bonuses, etc.

License Authorities

The next step is a legality check. While doing research, we pay attention to casinos’ background history. Our professionals look for additional information about authorities who issued licenses, and whether the licenses are valid and actually exist. We may directly contact the Authorities to verify the details. Also, we check if the casino has any gambling certifications — those would benefit the score.

Trustworthiness and Reputations

Reputation is a vital aspect of online poker casino activity. There are several ways our experts proceed with revision within this direction. Firstly, we always read the reviews and feedback from players who have already had experience with the casino. Most gamers are honest and openly express their opinion, doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. Then, we sign up for a gambling site ourselves to wager, claim the bonus, and chat with customer support to make sure the platform is trustworthy and reliable. Summing up these things, we make a final decision.

Mobile Poker Usability

Most Malaysian gambling sites offer a mobile casino app or a browser availability. We rate the usability of the interface, considering the upload and download speed and convenience of features. It’s also important that all the available games and promotions on the desktop could also be accessed on the phone. Finally, we evaluate compatibility with various systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and different browsers like Safari, Chrome, etc. The chosen casino has to include all the payment methods into mobile services as well, without limiting the players in the choice of banking.

Withdrawal Speed

Our team looks up to those casinos that provide instant or quick payouts. Those sites have to consider players with different currencies both national (USD, EUR, etc) and crypto (BTC, LTC, etc). The average waiting period is up to 2-3 workdays. However, we may soften the conditions of the revision, considering the impact of the financial body’s specialties.

Playing Poker Online: Tips and Tricks

It is one thing to be a poker player and another thing to be a winning player. Similarly, it takes only a few minutes to learn the basics of the game, but it can take years to become a winning player. However, with these simple betting strategies, you can have your way of playing poker online.

How to Win in Online Poker

Follow these simple tips to win online poker:

  • Get ready to spend a few hours on the game

You need to be prepared to play for a long time cause most of these low buy-in, big field tournaments take several hours to complete.

  • Be Selective with Your Starting Hands

A critical strategy is choosing the right starting hands, passing on a marginal hand but pouncing on a monster hand. Make sure to select a few premium hands to raise in late position and fold out a lot of your meager holdings pre-flop.

  • Learn to be Aggressive

Aggressiveness in poker is vital, as a result, the game is also about aggressive play. It’s of no use playing premium hands if you’re not willing to bet many chips and force players out.

  • Learn the Art of Bluffing

The best players wouldn’t win too many pots if they didn’t bluff. Most likely you will miss the flop or turn a lot of the time, so learning to bluff is a good way of forcing players to fold.

  • Defend Your Blinds

When a player is in the big blind position, they have already paid an enforced bet and are second to act after the flop is dealt. However, being in the big blind also gives you the advantage of being last to act, which allows you to gather information about your opponents from the pre-flop betting. With this information, you can make informed decisions about whether to call, raise, or check and may even be able to get a good price to see the flop with a range of hands.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fold

It is important to learn the poker tournament strategy of folding hands. It can get boring staring at your PC and folding a lot of junk. However, don’t get tempted to play poor hands just because you have nothing better to do.

  •  Be Aware of Your Table Position

Another poker strategy you need to learn is to be aware of your table position. In an early position, where you are first to act, you may end up facing a raise or re-raise. Conversely, in a late position, you have more information on what your opponents have done.

  • Don’t Play Beyond Your Bankroll

Even though it takes a second to register for a tournament or sit down at a cash table, be aware of your bankroll level.

Poker Rules

There are two main types of poker: Stud Poker and Draw Poker. In both of these games, players are dealt a certain number of cards and then place bets based on the strength of their hand. In Stud Poker, players are typically dealt five or seven cards, while in Draw Poker, participants receive five cards and can change three of them for new cards. There are various options for betting in these games, including raising, folding, calling, and checking. In poker, there is a hierarchy of hands, with the better hands being harder to obtain. The rank of cards goes from best to worst, with the Ace being the most valuable and the 2 being the least valuable. If two players have the same hand, the rank of the cards may be used to determine the winner.

Choosing your Online Poker Game

This table game has numerous variants from live poker to video poker, etc. Each is experienced and played differently. We are going to look into 5 most popular variants of online poker below:

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker is the predominant poker version around the world and the most commonly played variation online. Each player is dealt two cards, before several rounds of betting as each one of five community cards is revealed.

Five-card draw Poker

Five-card draw Poker is poker that is considered the simplest variant of poker and is the basis for video poker. It is commonly played in home games but rarely played in casino and tournament play. It is not as popular as other variants like  Seven-Card Stud and Texas Hold’em, but the variant is also offered by some casinos.

Omaha High/Low Poker

The game usually has fixed bet limits and rarely becomes a mixed type. Omaha hi-lo refers to the core of the gambling activity — players presented with the “split pot” and have to strive for the “high” and “low” parts of the pot.

Seven Card Stud Poker

Seven Card Stud Poker was king of the poker table before the arrival of Hold'em. With no community cards, players bet solely on the cards they're dealt, which means fewer high hands: so there are generally fewer frayed nerves as fewer players chase straights and flushes. Instead, there's a greater focus on calculating odds and aggressive early betting.

Americana Poker

This is a non-positional game which implies that the player who bets first on a betting round does not have to be the same, it is a card game that has several betting rounds. This game uses Antes instead of Blinds. It is played mostly with five cards, where only one card is face down and four others are face up.


At this point, you have every information you need to gather about the best gambling sites for Poker in Malaysia. Now you can wager on the best online casinos in Malaysia as you can distinguish legit casinos from non-legit ones and their various features. Also, you have a broad knowledge of the subject that concerns playing online poker games on the best casino sites in Malaysia.

FAQs about Online Poker in Malaysia

Can I play online poker for real money in Malaysia?

Yes, you can play online poker for real money in Malaysia.

Will I be able to withdraw my winnings at poker casinos?

Of course, you will. These poker casinos offer a wide range of withdrawal methods (Bank cards, e-wallets, Cryptocurrency, etc.) that allow players to withdraw their winnings easily.

What is the most popular type of online poker?

Texas Hold'em is the most popular type of online poker. It's the most commonly played variation of poker game, which is easy to learn.

Can I win real money from Poker?

Players can win real money when they wager on poker. However, there's no guarantee of winning as it is a game of luck and so unpredictable

Do poker strategies work in video poker?

Although poker is a bit different from video poker, you could employ their strategies interchangeably. With fewer skills, you'd find your way around video poker but poker requires a little more.